Triumph and Despair


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All songs written and performed by WTCHDR

Chris - Vocals
Cam - Guitar
Andrew - Drums
Kevin - Guitar and vocals

Guest vocals on "I Think I Can" by Andrew Drury

Recorded and mixed by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders, Vancouver, B.C., Canada 2013
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., 2013


released April 2, 2014



all rights reserved


WTCHDR Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: The Pilgrimage
The Pilgrimage

It's been a long time coming
Running in circles tryin to chase my tail
Running in circles but I've figured it out
Remember who you will,
But I'm not the person I was
I'm not that violent person anymore
That drunk you knew,
He is dead.
Track Name: Our Filthy Hearts
Our Filthy Hearts

I'm older than my age
I'm so fucking full of hate
With bones so brittle and hands that shake there's a chance that this might break me
There's no longing for peaceful pastures and a warm embrace
I want fields of fire and beasts that breathe fate
Fire fills the sky
rip out all your eyes
The evil fills its guts
You all fucking rot
I want destruction
I want hell on earth
I want you all to die to feel how I feel inside
Track Name: I Think I Can
I Think I Can

I am exactly where I want to be
I'm doing exactly what's best for me
So stop forcing your lifestyle down my fucking throat
I found a way all my own and I call it home
I sacrificed every ounce of dignity
To forgive you and to forgive me
I'll be exactly where I need to be
I don't give a shit what you have to say
With two feet and a fucking heartbeat
I think I can I think I can...
Track Name: Triumph and Despair
Triumph and Despair

I am fucking disgusted by myself
I never thought it would get this bad
My blood is fucking
Every bit of this is every bit my fault
I buried my past and it's clawing it's way back to the surface
I'm losing my will to fight
Don't look down
Track Name: The Bonefinger
The Bonefinger

I hate how skeptical I've become
I don't believe anything,anymore
Anyone, anymore
And I hate the weather in this town
My bones are stiff and it's getting colder

I am what time and circumstance made me
I am belief when no one will believe in me
Bad decisions made and grudges held
Track Name: Flawed

I've got a brain in my skull
And a heart in my chest
Sometimes the wires get crossed
I've never kept track of the things I've said
But I've lost count of the thoughts in my head
I'm trying to make sense of all the blood I've shed
And I've got no idea where these scars came from
All the things I will never get back and I can't remember
Track Name: Of Courage
Of Courage

The waves, they overtake everything I am
And when you don't know how to swim you're likely to drown
I'm taking on water
There's no sharks in these waves and I'm not looking for a way out
*But I'm not a desperate man looking for a way out
All this, is just fucking confusing
I know one thing if nothing else
This is not how this ends
This is not how I die...
Track Name: Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel

Raised in a house with eggshells for floors
And windows that blocked out the sun
The walls talked shit on all of us
Behind our backs
You watched a child weep
And saw yourself gaining ground
I choked down your pills
and went to therapy
To help you stay on your fucking high horse.
Now I'm a man, I am, and it's ominous
But I refuse to live in fear
Track Name: 5585845

We were raised on hatred
I was raised on violence
Right and wrong were replaced by fear and resentment
Love was replaced by a wall
That I built to keep people like you away
And if I'm the monster, what does that make you?
If I'm to blame, who are you judge me?
I hope you're happy
I hope you're fucking miserable
I just wanted to be your sun
I just wanted to be your sun
Track Name: The Sheep
The Sheep

Kick your dead horse into oblivion
Your faith won't save you
Follow your sheep, believe their lies
Your faith brings death
You've got
Nothing to believe in
Nothing to hold on to
Your English is just fine
Your beliefs are fucked
There is no sky opening up,
There are no plagues or swarms of locusts,
There is nothing.
Track Name: I'm On Fire
I'm On Fire

Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby
Edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley
Through the middle of my soul
At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet
And a freight train running through the
Middle of my head
Only you can cool my desire
I'm on fire
Track Name: Like a Coward
Like a Coward

If I could get rid of the guilt and the shame
If I could forget about the wrongs I have done
If I could find a way to pass the blame
If I could tell you I felt remorse for it all
Believe me I would.
But I can't
So I cower like a coward and admit defeat
and I choke on every word I've ever said